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ARP Stainless
strong enough to use everywhere!

If you’ve been around cars for a while, you’ve probably heard that stainless is soft and should only be used for decoration.

Well, whoever told you that has never used ARP Stainless!

Years ago, we worked with our team of metallurgists and a top steel mill to make a highly corrosion resistant stainless steel that was strong enough to use everywhere on your car outside the engine. That's ARP Stainless.

In the two images at the top, award-winning builder Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop uses ARP Stainless throughout the 248-mph land speed car and the 5-window coupe.

ARP Stainless gives Stupidbaker the corrosion resistance to survive sitting on the salt for a week and hold everything together at speed. ARP Stainless also gave it the good looks to be the first race car to be named a Mother’s Shine Award Finalist at the SEMA Show.

ARP Stainless gives a polished look to the engine and suspension of Jon Wright’s black and chrome coupe – and stand up to a 3,000 mile road trip to the L.A. Roadster Show.

In fact, JHRS drove six cars from Alabama to California for the show. They may a side trip for a tour of our manufacturing facilities in Santa Paula, California. While they were there, we tested the strength of ARP Stainless against stainless that we purchased locally.

The chart below should remove any lingering doubts that ARP Stainless is the best choice for your ride – whether it’s a hot rod, classic or a land speed car.

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