Searching for ARP Kits
ARP makes fasteners - bolts, studs, nuts & washers. Most of the time, the fasteners needed are determined by the engine, transmissions or other aftermarket parts. We’ve created our search options to help you find your kits quickly based on these other criteria.

Search by MAKE
Searching by Make is the best way to get started looking for all the ARP kits you need for your build.
Use the “Search by Make” menu to select your make. You'll be taken directly to the results page showing all the kits we make that are specifically linked to your make. Refine the search even further using the Engine Model menu.
Search Fasteners to find nuts, bolts and washers by material, diameter, thread pitch and length.
Use the menu to select the type of fastener and you will be taken to a results page. From there you can use the Secondary Menu to refine your search further. These are fasteners that are not application specific.
Search by KIT TYPE
Search by Kit Type is the same as looking through our catalog.
There are many types of fasteners that are fit by dimensions for your specific application (carb studs, rocker arm studs, etc.). Use the menu to select the Product Type and you'll be taken to a results page that displays every kit of that type.
Search by KIT #
If you already know the ARP kit number (XXX-XXXX), enter it here and GO directly to the detail page.
This is a quick way to look up kit details, jobber pricing or instructions.

For helpful hints on how to search for ARP kits, click here.

Using Search Results & Making a Kit List
Search Results Pages
  1. Search Results
    Searching by Make will show tabs for major kit categories, with the number of kits in parenthesis.
    Click on a tab to view kits in that category.
  2. Refining your Search
    Use the menu in the red box to narrow your search based on additional criteria - engine size, diameter or material.
  3. Change Display Mode
    Use the button in the upper right to toggle between List and Grid views.
  4. Add Kits to a List
    Add kits to your My ARP List by adjusting the quantity and clicking on the “Add to List” button.
  5. View Kit Details
    Click on the image or the kit number to see more details

Sample Kit Detail Pages

Creating and Managing a List
My ARP List - ARP is sold through fine dealers around the world, so this is not a shopping cart. It does, however, make it easy to compile a list of ARP kits for your project and communicate with your favorite ARP dealer for purchase.
  1. Click "View" to go to the results page for this kit
  2. Adjust the kit quantity and click "update"
  3. Delete an unwanted item
  4. Click to print a clean copy of your list
  5. Click to email your list to yourself or your ARP dealer
  6. If necessary, click to clear your list and start over
Note: Your list may not be saved from one visit to the next. Please print or email your list so that it is not lost.
Suggest a New Kit
Didn’t Find the Kit You Were Looking For?

ARP currently manufactures and stocks over 4,500 kits for over 100 makes across cars, trucks, diesel, motorcycle and powersports. We are constantly looking at the market to determine what kits we should put into R&D for possible inclusion in our kit lineup. One of the many factors that we use is customer input.

If you looked for a kit in our catalog or with our search features and couldn’t find what you were looking for, click on the link below and suggest a kit.