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ARP Kit #: 663-1003

Metric Thread Bolt Kit
8740 Chrome Moly
M10 x 1.25
30mm UHL

Socket Size: 12mm hex

Torque Value*: 54 ft-lbs (73.2 Nm)

1 UHL 30mm 5 Grip Diameter 10mm
2 Thread Length 30mm 6 Wrenching 12mm
3 Grip Length n/amm 7 Head Height 9.0mm
4 Thread Diameter-Spacing M10 x 1.25mm 8 Collar Diameter 18.5mm

Dim Kit Number Jobber Price** Add to List
5-Pack: 663-1003 17.68

*Torque notes: The torque values represented here are intended to be for general information only, not for specific installations. On specific installations, where the supplied instructions deviate from the torque values listed here, always follow the specific instructions packaged with the kit. Always lubricate the fastener prior to applying torque to ensure accurate readings. The values above are for use with ARP Ultra-Torque®.
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